Why Period Panties are the Future of Menstrual Health?

Why Period Panties are the Future of Menstrual Health?

Menstrual health is finally catching up with the relevance that it deserves in our society. There are a plethora of menstrual hygiene based products in the market & that creates a universal and yet very common confusion around what works for you & what doesn’t. Sometimes this lesson comes with extreme pain, skin troubles & intense allergies. 

The Best Menstrual Product For You is the One that is Comfortable & Soft on your skin, is Leak proof and Eco Friendly. 

After years of living with rashes because of sanitary pads, the world saw a new dawn with the advent of Tampons, then Menstrual Cups & finally we have achieved the relief that is ready to stay and help as it should- Period Panties.

Before we get into a detailed dive about this marvel product, let us first discuss some discreet harmful impacts of pads, tampons & other mainstream products.

No to Pads, Tampons and Cups

Pick Period Panties

  1. Pads and tampons are non-biodegradable & it can take 500-800 years for them to decompose. (Source: Menstrual Health Alliance India)
  2. Pads & Tampons are usually not a feasible option if you are travelling & have to be outdoors for longer periods. 
  3. Tampons and Menstrual cups can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) if it is used overnight.
  4. Insertion of the Tampons and Menstrual cups inside the vagina can be the tricky part and many women have trouble getting used to & comfortable around using these products.
  5. It's difficult to find Tampons and Menstrual cups size according to your vagina and blood flow and therefore many women (a whopping 36% !) choose Sanitary Pads in addition to a large number using cloth and ash in the rural areas. 

Why choose Period Panties over Other Menstrual Products?

For your health, Hygiene & the  Environment! Period Panties are reusable, economic and provide a leak-free full coverage for the much required comfort during Periods. 

Find Relief from Rashes, Leakage & Regular Store Visits.

1. Period Panties carry an Environmentally Friendly Stamp

12.3 billion tonnes of menstrual wastage is generated each year in India alone! But you know what is more shocking than this fact? It takes six-eight decades for the waste to decompose. The sanitary pads & tampons usually available in the mainstream market are made from synthetic fibres. In early days, women had very limited options & this was unavoidable to a large degree. Today, there are better products like Period Panties to counter this mammoth, dystopian implication.

2. Sustainable & Lessens Frequent Shop Visits

Period panties are designed just like your regular panties, yes, they are reusable! Period Panties are usually made from the best quality fabric & premium cotton fibres which enables the longevity of the product if kept right.  They are eco-friendly for sure and they enable a tension-free lifestyle where you don't have to worry about buying, begging & borrowing for a pad in months where period shows up unannounced or for all other times where you have to consciously plan for it! 

3. Comfort is all You need when Chumming!

Period times can be distressing & comfort is of utmost importance. It is the primary requisite expected from all period products. Period. 

4. Convenience. Comfort. Cost-effective.

Period Panties are the new rage but. but is it convenient to use? How do they work? I sit clean & hygienic? How often do you change period panties?

Well, it is terribly convenient, like any other panties you use on your normal days! It is leak-proof & of sound quality with safety & hygiene as the pillars of this product. Period panties can be worn for 12 hours for an average flow, you can wear them overnight as well without worrying about spillage. You can change period panties as per your blood flow and requirement.

5. Stays in place. Leak-free. Full Coverage.

Ah those terrible times when your pad moves! Sometimes it moves so much that it pokes in your butt. We all are aware of this trouble, yes. And then there are tampons & cups that give you that feeling of an alien in your body. It might be an unpopular opinion and therefore On this one, to each their own feeling of discomforts! 

Period Panties are a lifesaver in this scenario, they are just like normal panties for the wearer with high functionality. 

It is important to note that because Period Panties require high specificities of hygiene & safe usage, the products you use should be of premium quality.

Why choose D’Chica Period Panties?

D’chica period panties bear the mark of premium because:

  • PFOS and PFAS Free lab tested
  • 3rd Party lab tested, Anti- Microbial Fabric lining.
  • Composition 57% viscose, 38% cotton, 5% lycra
  • 100% Microfiber, TPU Lining Water Resistant Fabric.
  • Leak-proof and Stain-free
  • Skin-friendly and Rash-free
  • Breathable and Comfortable
  • Pocket Friendly in the long run
  • Reduces Disposable waste
  • 7-Step Quality Check
  • Available in different designs

After all this insight, make sure you choose wisely, your choice impacts your well-being & the Planet itself!