Right Age to Wear The Right Bra & Why?

You will be in disbelief to know that 8 out of 10 women globally, wear the wrong bra size! 

Do you relate to this tremendous trouble of sizing & cup-shape? Well, this is a problem most women would relate to. Finding a perfect bra is just as complicated as finding a pair of other socks in the morning, hustling-bustling & often solvable if you set a systematic process for finding the right bra size that works for you!

This often gets tougher for a developing teen, who has just hit puberty because they are hit by tons of options in the market & also, it becomes very difficult to understand what is the right time to start thinking of & using a bra.

We are here to help you with this dilemma that almost every girl your age is troubled with. What is the Right age to wear a bra & why is it important to start?

2 Pillars of a Good Teenage Bra: 

Breathability & Firm Support 

Let us get on with it then!

What is the right age to wear a bra?

If we talk about an objective “right age” for wearing a bra, it’s just a redundant, overly analytical exercise. There is no 'must start at x-age', it depends on your body’s puberty-related development. If your breasts have started to develop, start wearing a beginner’s bra- Yes, it is as simple as that!

Having said that, it is very important that you start wearing a beginner bra at the “right time”. Let us dive into why!

Importance of wearing a bra at the right time

At the beginning of breast development, there are many physical changes that a female body undergoes. Adequate support & space for the breast muscles & fat tissue to shape up and develop naturally is very important for young girls. Wearing an apt bra that is designed for teens is very important!

1. Do not get in the way of Natural Development of Your Breasts.

Breast tissue grows in the teenage years in every girl, therefore it should be an essential lesson for every girl as to how to take special care of their developing body. Regular bras are usually made for developed breasts & offer different features which do not cater to the requisites of your developing body.

Beginner bras are designed to support your breasts' muscle & tissue development. They are usually hookless to provide elasticity or space to grow. 

2. Choose Comfort to Boost Your Confidence Levels.

Teenagers in their developing years are very sensitive & hyper aware about how they look, their personality and overall highly conscious of themselves. This happens because there are many kinds of mental and bodily changes that they are going through & are struggling with placing apt perception of self in lieu with these changes. 


Right clothing & especially right undergarments can help smooth out any wardrobe malfunction which might make your teen distraught. With the right kind of teenager beginner bra, there is no scope of spillage, nip-visibility or shape issues. It is time to carry yourself with confidence, not with diffidence!

3. Allow Chest Muscles to Relax & Strengthen.

Ideal support throughout the natural course of teen’s body development helps strengthen your chest muscles which supports your breasts tissues to develop naturally. Allowing your chest muscles to be relaxed would also help you have a good posture, often tight ropey bras strain the chest muscles because of which your posture becomes slouchy as well. 

4. The Coverage Conundrum

Beginner Bras provide coverage to your entire breast area which helps in avoiding unwanted attention, strengthening of the chest muscles and allowing for the development of your breasts. Wearing the right bra hence gives you the freedom to dress as per your will, without any hesitation or fear, which in turn makes you a confident butterfly!

Coverage also helps in the upliftment of your breast and helps in the equal distribution of breast tissues.

 5. Avoid Wrong Bra Perils

Wearing the right bra at the right time helps in avoiding conditions & issues such as,

  • Neck and back pain due to the bad posture which usually is a case with weak & strained chest muscles
  • Breast pain is also caused due to not wearing the bra due to lack of support and sagging issues might pop.
  • You will not be able to do anything properly as you will always feel uncomfortable
  • & many more!

It is very important to understand the relevance of wearing the right kind of bra when you start developing breasts. Giving proper size care allows your breasts to form as it was supposed to grow & not haphazardly, with weak tissues because right support at the right time was not provided!