In the world of entrepreneurship, there were two remarkable women who were more than just sisters-in-law. Richa Kapila and Vani Chugh shared a family connection, but they also shared a passion for business. Their journey began in 2019 when they founded D'chica, a brand that emerged from the ashes of their initial venture, which catered to infants and toddlers. Armed with the lessons learned from their previous endeavor, Richa and Vani set their sights on a different market – teenagers and young adults.

Their approach was simple yet profound: "Don't fear failure; embrace it as your greatest teacher." They believed that failure held valuable lessons that success couldn't offer.

D'chica is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of the transition from adolescence to womanhood. Under Richa and Vani's guidance, the brand pays homage to the Alpha and Gen Z generations. D'chica meticulously designs and curates products to empower young girls during their teenage years, including a stylish and comfortable collection of bras and period panties, along with fashionable athleisure and footwear tailored to teens' preferences.

Richa and Vani's innovative spirit and resilience have earned them accolades, including the Mom's Choice and Business Growth Awards. They've also been honored with the TimeSheUnltd Award, recognizing their groundbreaking designs and inspiring journey toward business expansion.

D'chica's guiding principle, encapsulated in the hashtag #DiscoverYou, influences every aspect of the brand. Every product is carefully crafted to resonate with millennial parents and their digitally-savvy children.

With positive reviews from mothers and a strong connection with tweens and teens, D'chica has become a prominent presence on various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Nykaa Fashion, Ajio, Firstcry, Jio Mart, and more. Beyond borders, D'chica exports its innerwear to discerning markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

What sets D'chica apart is its dedication to teen-specific Instagram and influencer marketing, ensuring that the brand becomes a lifestyle embraced by the digital-savvy generation. Join us on this journey from teenage dreams to empowerment, where every step is an opportunity to #DiscoverYou.