5 ways to deal with Period Taboo at work/home

 The world is a weird place! 

The female population constitutes around 49.88% of the world population & yet Period (which is a reality for all women) is a taboo in many cultures. One way to look at this issue is through the lens of culture, yes but there is one other way to look at this which is entirely scientific. 

In cultures like ours, there are various relevant texts & social norms that depict periods in an ill fashion, as a bane from the gods or such & so, which leads to a humongous gap in the knowledge of menstruation in our society for all genders. Scientifically, it's proven that menstruation days are difficult for most women when due to mental and physical distress, the productivity of the person falls quite a bit and therefore this process itself can be tagged as an illness. 

What all these knowledge spectrums miss is the 'Inevitability of It', for humans (as a species) to keep thriving, reproduction is unarguably the single most important factor and menstruation is the primary, physiological marker of it. 

Around 1 in 3 males (37% of the population) are of the view that Periods should be kept a secret at the workplace. (Source: Plan-International) IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THE VIEW.

 But the reality is different and there are plenty of period taboos in our homes & workplaces. So the crucial question is how to deal with it. 

5 ways to deal with Period Taboo at work/home

Communication is the bridge between Confusion and Clarity.

Communication is not only a medium to convey things, it is more powerful than that, it leads to impactful insight-driven thoughts & behavioral adaptations. It has taken generations to evade the process of menstruation & keep it under racks, change cannot be expected in a day so be cognizant about your expectations from others, especially men. To bring the change you must initiate a conversation & for that, you must break the underlying taboo of talking about periods in your own self first.

Men don’t Experience Periods. 

And therefore it is our responsibility to keep them in the loop and lift a ban from talking about serious stuff like this. We cannot expect grand empathy if there is a lack of knowledge! 

This way when an actual discriminator appears, you have not a single but many voices that share your opinion and make the women's team stronger. 

Break Period Taboo  By Initiating Dialogues about Periods and Its Impact on a Woman to Create Awareness.

Stand by each other.

 Help your sisters! And help them not hushedly, but openly. 

Don’t whisper about your period like it is a demon baby under wraps, it is common, every woman faces this every month and the entire population is aware of the concept. Own up to it & be comfortable with it. Remember, you cannot fight an ancient taboo if it overpowers you with great intensity. Unlearn first. Help create a safe, non-judgmental space at home & the office for women to come & talk freely about their Periods & their experience, so adequate help and support can be provided. 

Raise your voice against the wrong.

 There is no way to beat a taboo if it is not carried upon activism. Say it out loud, and refuse to become a victim of injustice. If you see it happening around you or if it happens to you, it becomes your utmost responsibility to bring the matter into check. Raise your voice against partiality. Acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge your rights. 

You will be surprised to know that many individuals out there will appreciate and join you in this, it always takes the first step. 

To Break Discrimination Raise Voice. Inspire Correct Information.

Shy, why?

Periods are common for almost half the world's population. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Today’s world is beaming with the beauty of freedom, embrace it. Ask for help and you shall get it. Refuse to carry your menstrual products under black wraps, if it hurts tell your dad and not wait to whisper when your mom returns, seek medical support if it's unbearable & so much more attention and mechanisms in place are required to deal with this inevitable human reality. 

"Menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not traumatically induced. Yet in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken of and rarely seen, except privately by women.”-Judy Grahntaboos.