D'chica Smile Sparkle Shine Print Eco-Friendly Anti Microbial Lining Her Future Period Panties For Teen Girls, Pad-free Periods Dark Grey

SKU: DCPPJL7928/10-12

Rs. 549 Rs. 699
Color: Grey

Delivery Period: 3 to 8 days. Please WhatsApp us your location for your estimated delivery date.

3rd Party Lab Tested, Anti Microbial Fabric Lining. Composition 57% viscose, 38% cotton, 5% Lycra. Anti Microbial Inner Lining. 100% Microfiber, EPU Lining Water Resistant Fabric.

Disclaimer: Safety Claim is based on sample Period Panties testing free of PFAS and phthalate only. We do not make any all-encompassing safety claims for parameters we have not tested or are unaware of.


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