How to wash your Period Panties?

Perhaps you've come to the conclusion that tampons and pads aren't right for you, or you're just having trouble finding any because of the current shortage. Period panties are one option that, surprisingly, tends to be a more stress-free, comfortable, and long-lasting option for helping you get through your period. These simple-to-wear period panties are the perfect sanitary product for women that makes your periods worry-free and gives you a fresh and fun period experience. 

In order to ensure that your period panties last as long as it can, it's crucial to make sure you are adhering to the right maintenance practices. At least you can sigh with satisfaction knowing that period panties are quite simple to maintain and wash.

Here is a list of steps that will make your washing experience hassle-free, simple and whole-period experience hygienic.

Step 1 - Soak the underwear in cold water for 7-10 minutes 


Run a cool tap over your panties and soak it for 7 to 10 minutes. Additionally, it's crucial to only rinse them with cold water; the colder, the better.


Step 2 - Rinse out menstrual fluid


Rub the fabric of your panty against itself to gently brush away any stains. 


Step 3 - Machine wash or hand wash like normal underwear with regular   

or liquid detergent


Use mild soap only, since anything with harsh chemicals can harm the fabric of your panties.


Step 4 - Lay them flat to dry naturally in the sun


When finished, spread them out or hang them to dry naturally in the sun instead of using any dryer. 


Step 5 - Store in a dry place and you are done! 


Keep in mind that the materials used to create period panties were chosen for their ability to wick away moisture and minimize odor. As a result, you should be delicate when handling your panties and avoid using any harsh chemicals.


With these simple steps, it is super easy to wash your period panties. These simple steps will help you keep your period panties fresh and clean.



  • Use of fabric softener or bleach might impair the fabric's integrity and, at worst, harm your period underwear. Avoid using these products on your period underwear. Also, avoid using hot water. 
  • Avoid ironing your underwear since heat can damage the fabric.


It is preferable to use Period Panties!

There are numerous justifications for switching if you're interested. These could be a fantastic option if you're seeking a more comfortable option that enables you to free-bleed without worrying about pads bunching up or crinkling. Period panties that have been specifically tailored for your needs may be the ideal option if you don't feel comfortable with inserted products like tampons or menstrual cups or if you just want to wear them worry-free. They can be a very practical alternative to typical, throwaway products and are also sustainable and less expensive over time. Additionally, period panties are recyclable.


Journey to a worry-free period with period panties! 


Period panties provide a stain-free, leak-proof, and odor-free experience, as well as a rash-free and relaxing period. It is eco-friendly and can be used again and again. It is the best replacement for sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. The fabric used to make these period panties is multilayered and super absorbent. 


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