Become a Teen Influencer! Find out how

Becoming a Teen Influencer is all the rage in the world right now amongst youngsters. Tweens & Teens have easy access to social media and the vibrancy of a modern professional setup often lures the GenZ & the Alphas. It defines your coolness quotient, helps you develop an unconventional work ethic and gives you a humble confidence because you ‘influence’ so many people. Having said that, it could be a devil in disguise if you aren’t conscious about the time and space that ‘teen influencing’ is taking from your life, teenage years are prime years for developing skills as an adult, finding your ways in the world.. & one should never ever give up on that, there is a life to dedicate to work, only teenage to have the space to find your fun & place!

Now, if you have decided that you want to be a Teen Influencer, this is how to go about it..

Followers. Followers. Followers.

Social Media Influencing is all about followers, I don't have to tell you that, do I? Work on building organic following. You have started early, you can experiment more, you can build a stronger community if you regularly interact with your followers and create a safe space for people that choose to follow you. This also inculcates positive social traits like gratefulness & humility, in your development. Once you have a considerable number of following, you will have the credibility to float on social media safely. 

Who do you want to become?

You have to have a keen idea about what kind of personality & identity you want to build on social media. And then stick to that identity with regular surprises of other personality traits. For example, if you do humour content, take a serious stand on some issues from time to time, ones that you feel deeply about. This will help people trust you, relate more to you & see you more than just a performer.

Quality Check

This is highly important here, like they say- your vibe calls your tribe! If you produce quality content, you will attract quality viewers, simply. Be real and be professional. Make your calendars, mark special days, build content and review it beforehand and develop strategies for consistent growth. Remember, this is work- where you will have to work!

Collaborate. Coordinate. Cultivate.

Well, in a community no one grows individually. You are on social media, you are trying to build a community that you can positively influence. Therefore there has to be a symbiotic relationship and for this you must collaborate with other Influencers and brands, this creates a space for shared visibility and enhances reputation for all parties concerned. Networking never harms, it also develops positive social traits in you. 

Once you decide to be a Teen Influencer, it is important to be an ‘effective teen influencer’.. Find some quick tips here!

  • Consistency is key, You must be regular with your presence on social media. 
  • Do include Interactive Content like Q/As, contests etc in your social media calendar. 
  • Be a listener. Not just a Talker. 
  • Use social media instruments like hashtags carefully.
  • Keep your Response Rate super high.

..And at last, To be an Influencer- Be authentic. And don’t care for trolls.