5 Teen Style Trends To Follow in 2023

With the Global North Fashion slowly trickling in the Global South, it often emerges as a cocktail of Western & our own Indian Cultural underpinning. Delicate prints, pop hues, embroidery, patterns are more often than not styled in a western format. Especially during the Fashion Week, the industry tries to expand the spread of fashion from two basic requisites- longevity & trends. Global Designers work to craft collections that not only bridge the street style merged with celebrity image, but the designs also trickle to the common person. 

Keep a check to not fall for all the trends in place, pick what suits you! Even the best of designers ‘pick trends for their collection. 

This year, summer trends are all over the place. Continuation of rosette accessories and Y2K influence, the widely accepted sheer slip dresses in the New York Fashion Week has almost given a challenge to the celebrity & the street- “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

The Soft & Villain Era Confusion

Well, we all know the characteristic differences between the new-age ‘soft era’ & ‘villain era’, apart from the fact that now styles have been divided to deepen the show of personality features! And we are here for more, yas. 

Soft Style suggests using a certain colour palette with a more ‘shy’ connotation. Dresses, Kurtis, Indo-western Styling with a pastel or a more feminine hue palette goes with this particular styling for personality. 

In the Villain Style, as the name goes- the styling is super modern with tie-ups, sturdy bottoms, crop-tops, accessories like hand-bands, sunglasses etc. 

The Street Smart

Street Styles never go out of fashion and are growing trend tassels every year! With celebrities ramping up the fashion weeks in cool & shady street styles, this trend is welcomed by teens everywhere because of its ultra lit & kick impact. Currently in Street Styling, we find oversized jackets with rock sneakers in favourable climates, in countries like India, street trends look like body-hugging crop-tops & oversized pants, asymmetrical shorts with bralettes & an oversized shirt. Daring is the name for the Teen Street Style Check!

The Crocheted Goodness

Crochets & Woven is in guys, the best beach elegance is now swarming the streets globally!

Crochet is one of the oldest weaves for funky and breathable wear. For centuries, it now conveniently & very efficiently holds the ‘ultimate beach fashion symbol’! With the advent of street styles merged with some elegance, crochet is now coming furiously into the picture. With celebrities dorning crocheted see-through dresses and celebrity street wear including crochet bikinis with oversized denim pants, the trend is here to stay, don't you think?

Slips & Shows

Slip Dresses and see-through styles have come back into fashion and have been loved by the world when Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner amped up their Slip & Show in the Cannes Festival & the after-event. Slips are the easiest trends to carry, they look super chic and if accessorised well, they can actually convert into both modern & mixed styling very efficiently. 

The Denim Activewear Combo

And thank god for this! What would we do without the Denim Demigod in the fashion world? Denim is still a day-wear & street supremo, considering that it has always been a first choice for the rock & hip-hop culture. Oversized denims are very much in and the 2023 edit suggests that pick whatever to wear, add a hint of denim to initiate a coolness quotient in your personality. 

Teens are now highly aware & influenced by celebrity everyday fashion & the rage of learning from fashion shows is going down a notch; social media has led to the development of a plethora of options, yes! A hint of advice, pick your trends- pick celebrities whose styling vibes with your personality and do not try to learn and adapt everything all at once. Stay Stylish forever!