D'chica Pack of 2 Her Success Eco-Friendly Anti Microbial Lining Period Panties For Teen Girls, Pad-free Periods Navy Blue

SKU: DCPPJL7926/10-12

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,299
Color: Blue

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3rd Party Lab Tested, Anti Microbial Fabric Lining. Composition 57% viscose, 38% cotton, 5% Lycra. Anti Microbial Inner Lining. 100% Microfiber, TPU Lining Water Resistant Fabric. Leak Proof & Stain Free Skin Friendly & Rash Free Breathable & Comfortable Pocket Friendly In The Long Run Reduces Disposable Waste You earn brownie points from mother nature, by polluting her less! Why are D’chica Period Panties Safe To Use? Independent studies in the US found traces of PFOS in some period panties. At D’chica we are committed to our #madewithlove motto. Hence our period panties have gone through extensive third party lab testing to ensure that they do not have any harmful PFOA & PFOS and are made with quality materials that are safe to use.*

Disclaimer: Safety Claim is based on sample Period Panties testing free of PFAS and phthalate only. We do not make any all-encompassing safety claims for parameters we have not tested or are unaware of.


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