Discover the Confidence Within With D’chica: Unveiling the Essence of Comfort and Style | As Seen on Shark Tank India Season 3

D'chica, India's fastest-growing teen brand, has captured the hearts of both Gen Z and Alpha customers. By prioritizing the empowerment of young girls and supporting them in their journey towards womanhood, D'chica has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. The brand is driven by two inspirational moms, Vani Chugh and Richa Kapila, who understand the needs of teens and are dedicated to creating products that cater to their body and fashion requirements. 

D'chica is dedicated to responsible practices, and as part of that commitment, they have gone the extra mile by hiring a consulting gynaecologist - Dr Garima Srivastav MBBS MD MRCOG. This important step allows them to obtain valuable inputs and expert guidance to ensure that their products like period panties meet the highest standards of safety and quality. By actively seeking professional advice, D'chica showcases its unwavering dedication to the well-being and health of its teenage customers.  

While D'chica initially began with bra for girl targeted towards teens, it has since expanded its product line to include a diverse range of offerings. This expansion encompasses items such as cotton panties, sportswear, thermals, t-shirts, and footwear. Not only has D'chica broadened its categories, but it has also increased the availability of sizes. D'chica now provides a wide range of sizes, spanning from XXXS to XXXL, ensuring inclusivity and catering to the diverse body types of its customers.

Printed bra are a key offering from D'chica, designed to be quirky, fashionable, and comfortable. The brand has developed a collection that combines stylish design, optimum comfort, and practicality. Recognizing that traditional lingerie options may not align with the vibrant and expressive personalities of teenage girls, D'chica offers teenager bras and women bra that not only provide necessary support but also allow girls to express their unique identities through vibrant colours, vivid patterns, and creative designs. As a result, D'chica has become the go-to brand for young girls seeking lingerie that truly represents their individuality, providing a range of options that encourage self-expression and personal flair.

In addition to bras, D'chica offers a remarkable selection of menstrual panties. These innovative period underwear prioritize both functionality and fashion, catering to the needs of menstrual hygiene while providing girls with comfortable and dependable options throughout their menstrual cycles. D'chica's girls and women's underwear are not only reusable, offering a cost-effective alternative to disposable pads, but they also utilize absorbent and leak-proof fabrics that are gentle on the skin and prevent rashes. Moreover, D'chica takes extra measures to ensure the safety of its products by conducting lab tests to confirm the absence of harmful toxins like PFAS and Phthalates. To ensure the utmost quality, the co-founders of D'chica, just like any caring mom, personally test these products themselves. With their delightful designs and vibrant colours, these leak proof period panties empower young girls and women to confidently embrace their menstrual cycles, knowing that they have a reliable and stylish solution at their disposal.

D'chica has further expanded its product line to include footwear for women and girls and an athleisure clothing collection exclusively for teenagers and young adults. Responding to the growing demand for comfortable yet fashionable apparel solutions, the brand offers fashionable designs made from high-quality fabrics. D'chica has established itself as a reliable brand for young women looking for fashionable and adaptable women sports wear options in everything from modern activewear that seamlessly transitions from the gym to the street to attractive footwear like flat sandals for girls and women that blends comfort and elegance. 

D'chica goes beyond product offerings by providing additional support and resources for teenagers. They have implemented features like "Ask Dr Garima" on their website, where anyone can ask questions and seek guidance from D’chica’s consulting gynaecologist Dr Garima Srivastav. The brand also conducts various school activations with the Doc, engaging with teenagers to explain and address their queries related to correct panties for Girl or are beginner bra comfortable or not and many more. D'chica aims to create a unique teen community in India, where every teenager can freely express themselves and be who they are.

The success and recognition of D'chica's commitment to empowering young girls and driving business growth have been widely acknowledged. The brand has been honoured with multiple prestigious awards, including the 'Lingerie e-Retail of the Year award by The Economic Times, recognizing its excellence in the online retail space. D'chica has also received the 'MP Icon Award for Initiative on Girls' Personal Hygiene' by Radio City, highlighting its dedication to promoting menstrual hygiene awareness and education. Additionally, the brand has been acknowledged as the 'Big Impact Creator in the Category of Teens and Youth Innerwear' by BIG FM and the 'Times SHE UnLTD. Entrepreneur Award For Fashion Category' by the Times of India. These accolades serve as a testament to D'chica's path-breaking designs, inspiring business growth, and commitment to empowering young women.