Time for teen summer vacay - Your Ultimate Travel Kit.

Be it the beach or the hills, more often than not there are some mandatory requisites that must be packed for all your travels. Here we discuss some of these travel musts & also how to make your travels less cumbersome by keeping a travel kit handy for the next trot!

Minimise the Skin-sin. Use Sunscreen.

There is no supplement to Sunscreen and applying it regularly from a young age protects the skin against harsh weathers of the beach or the hills. A good sunscreen with high SPF for outdoors and a mild sunscreen to protect your skin from indoor air & pollutants. Regular Sunscreen Usage is one of the early skin-care mantras that one must learn to invest time in.

Snack It Away!

We get it, it's difficult to think of usual food and ghar-ka-khana while thinking about vacation, it is pretty understandable too. However, there is the catch. For a week-long vacation, if you depend on juicy, delicious, greasy platters, you are going to fall ill. The best way to tackle vacation cravings is to make it a habit to eat 1 fruit and a salad every day. You can supplement this advice with nutrition information and have your own pick of food- the idea is to get enough fibre and stay full of electrolytes that charge your system.

Another thing to note is that when on vacation, there are more outdoor activities than usual. Therefore carrying light, high carb food options like chocolate is a must. Remember it's a summer vacay and we must stay protected in summers so as to not drain in dehydration.

Aloe Vera Super Gel

Well, there is a reason aloe-vera is considered as the goddess for skin in the summers. With its high antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it helps with most kinds of skin-burns and inflammations caused by the sun and harsh summer climates. Do not hesitate to dab aloe-vera every night in your vacay days because it not only soothes and heals, it also hydrates and maintains the moisture levels of your skin.

Carry your water bottle

Yes, get that cute sipper and avoid buying 100 bottles of water in one trip! In most tourist places, restaurants and cafes offer RO refills in your bottle without any charge. This simple change of travel lifestyle not only maintains your water intake but also helps reduce Plastic Consumption.

All time Prepared with Period Panties!

Yep, periods are the worst if you aren’t prepared. Date or not, just carry period panties in your travel kit for your own benefit. Urban tourist spots will provide you with basic supplies like pads, tampons etc. yes, but they not only increase landfill waste and are non-biodegradable, they also are less skin-friendly in the summers. Period Panties are not only skin-friendly, they are also reusable. Apart from regular usage, it is highly advisable to choose period panties for their larger benefits to the environment, our skin and our comfort, especially during travels.

-      Period Panties are highly sustainable for the Planet.
-      Are very skin-friendly, comfortable & with D’chica Period Panty we guarantee a rash-free experience, optimum skin breathability and high-grade cotton comfort.
-      Cost-effective, reusable, reduces mental pressure to keep track of period supplies every month.
-      Most Period Panties have a high leakage protection system.

What more, we have many trendy & cool print options, check here.

So for the summer cools, pick your favourite destinations care-free. Be mindful about your needs & packing to have a hassle-free vacation through & through! Have fun, you guys.