I Tried Period Panties For the First Time, and Here’s My Honest Experience!

As a period newcomer, the options to go by are numerous due to the industry norms attached to each menstrual product in the market. So, naturally I was confused as to what I should start my first period journey with- is it gonna be tampons? (But it feels a bit weird to stick it in though. And what if it stays there and I can't get it out?); a menstrual cup? (well same thing. Duh!); sanitary pads? (but it must feel so uncomfortable and definitely harsh on the skin); period panties? (it is quite absorbent and feels comfortable enough that i can see myself easing into the habit)

After giving it much thought, I was prepared to begin my first period journey with period panties, and I had already ordered a bunch of cute ones from the brand D’chica. To my surprise, these were quite a good fit for my body as a growing teenager (who can’t find a good fit for anything these days) and also quite absorbent for the heavy flow period days. Now I was almost waiting for that first period day I'd get to try these on.

And so that school-day finally came, and landed on a Friday, when the girls are supposed to wear a white skirt! You can imagine my face of horror when I ran to the washroom and found out I just started my first period out of nowhere. Thankfully I have always carried my period kit with a pair of period panties, a bar of chocolate and a pouch of green tea sachets to school since I turned 12. My mom told me about this dreaded nightmare all women in the world have to go through and embrace the beauty of womanhood, but in this bloody way.

Speaking as a period first-timer, my experience with trying on period panties was both newfounded and surprisingly satisfying with a strange sense of comfort. Here, let me break it down into the real sharp ends of my experience:

Absorbency level

All my anticipation and worries about the uncertainty of my first period surprisingly went away when I tried the D’chica Period Panties. The absorbency level it offers is enough to last a whole day of mid-high flow during the first few days of the cycle. Their multiplayer protection provides a very absorbent, leak-proof, and odor-proof experience. Pairing it with their cycling shorts made it even more comfortable to move around, keeping everything in place while offering me the much needed cushioning and protection from any leakage problems, especially on a heavy flow.


Comfort Level

As I wore them, I found myself easing into the comfort of soft yet absorbent fabric giving me that reassurance of full coverage and high-absorbency capacity without actually feeling bulky or harsh on my skin. I was more than able to do my normal chores without consciously walking funny or limiting myself to move around in fear of adjusting the layer of fabric or constantly checking for a stain. 


The Design and Fit

The fit was perfect to the curves of my growing body, which is a concept I rarely find with my clothing needs these days. The D’chica Period Panties are tailor-made to fit a teenager’s growing body shape with form-fitting comfort that provides ample cushioning and support for a leak-proof and stain-free experience in periods.


The Bottom Line

As the color and styles in D’chica’s collection of period panties are the classic full coverage briefs in darker preference for colors, their durability and usage doubles down after each wash. As these are easily washable and 100% reusable, they are a great alternative for uncomfortable sanitary napkins, essentially single-use plastics that ultimately end up as waste buried in landfills. In my honest opinion, the introduction of high-absorbency fabric for menstrual use is a godsend in the menstrual health and hygiene industry, and I definitely see it replacing the use of conventional sanitary pads for a more sustainable alternative. Making a conscious effort to manage menstruation with sustainable practices, I see a wave of sustainable products coming up to serve the very purpose, and this one comes as a regular pair of panties with added super powers!

So, if you were missing this period talk update, here’s your chance to finally have a more comfortable period, while also reducing the environmental waste clogging the landfills every time you get your period!