Dilemma, should you see your doctor or not?

Change can feel kind of strange during puberty! Chill, we understand teenagers. It's not painful; it's just a growth spurt. From soreness in the breasts to face acne to vaginal discharge to pigmentation and pubic hair in private parts, it's all normal during this stage. Teens develop differently during this period.

Are you going through the "see or don't see your doctor" dilemma? No need to worry; if you are still confused, consult your doctor and let them solve your queries. This will not only help you find your answers, but it will also make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your development stage.

Let's check out when you should consult a doctor during puberty.

Soreness in the breasts during periods: Is it a common thing?

Soreness in the breasts starts before your period, and the soreness should go away on its own after the period is over. If it is persisting, if there is extreme pain, or if you can feel any mass, you should see a doctor. 


Vaginal discharge: is it normal?

To clean the vagina, the vagina itself secretes something called vaginal discharge. That means vaginal discharge is very normal. Only if it is itching, giving you a foul smell, or if its color is quite different, like greyish, whitish, or yellowish, then it means there is an infection down there and you should see your doctor.


Face acne during periods

If you are a teenager, it's normal to have acne or pimples because of the hormonal disturbances. Especially with PCOD, you may have excessive acne. So if you believe your acne is really resistant, you should see a doctor.


Pigmentation in private parts

The private parts and the underarm area are supposed to be darker in every person because they are under the influence of hormones. If you think it is excessively dark in color or it's bothering you, you can see your doctor, and there are certain treatments that can be done.


Hair, hair, hair, everywhere

Teens chill! Body and pubic hair are common. Body hair, obviously, is very common. We are homosapiens, and we are supposed to have body hair. They serve as a covering and a protective layer, shielding us from cold and heat.


Is spotting between periods normal?

Sometimes there is spotting between periods, which indicates a hormonal imbalance. In that case, you should see your doctor.


Is it common for women to have facial hair?

Females with few strands of hair are normal, but if you notice dark, thick, or terminal strands, you should see a doctor.


Extreme cramps during periods: is it normal?

It is normal to have cramps during periods, but if the pain is so unbearable that you can't even get up from your bed, in that case you should consult your doctor immediately.

The menstrual cycle of a woman is quite unique and personal. One woman's "regular" menstruation can be another's most acute abnormality. Chill, it's a phase of every girl's life. From spotting between periods to facial hair to extreme cramps during periods, it's all normal during this stage. Teens develop differently during this period.

know when it's normal and when to consult a doctor with the help of this blog. It is okay to feel like this sometimes during puberty. As a teenager, there is too much change to cope with. At a time of growing change, there are a lot of hormonal changes that can cause irregularities in periods, changes in body function, acne, and so many other things. Stressing out can make the situation worse. So stay relaxed and keep yourself calm and happy. Just go with the flow and enjoy these changes. If you experience any additional discomfort, you should immediately consult your doctor.