Are period panties better than a menstrual cup?

Period panties or a menstrual cup? Not sure which period product to choose but thinking about switching to one that is more environmentally friendly?

Over the past several years, menstrual cups and period panties have become very popular as more environmentally friendly substitutes for sanitary pads and tampons. This blog will explain the differences between menstruation cups and period panties so you can decide which is best for you.

period panties is better than cups

What are period panties and menstrual cups? 

An absorbent type of clothing called period panty is intended to be worn during menstruation. It often consists of several layers of micro-fibre that can absorb up your period blood. Period panties provide a stain-free, leak-proof, and odour-free experience, as well as a rash-free and relaxing period. It is eco-friendly and can be used again and again. It is the best replacement for sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. The fabric used to make these period panties is multilayered and super absorbent. 

A little, bell-shaped cup called a menstrual cup can be put within your vagina to collect the blood from your period. Today, medical-grade silicone is used to make the majority of menstrual cups.

Reusable period panties may be more comfortable than a menstrual cup if you have vaginismus or insertion issues. It acts like normal underwear and makes you feel comfortable during your periods.  


Which one is more sustainable? 

Period panties can last you anywhere from six months to two years, saving you anywhere from 90 to 360 tampons or sanitary pads. These panties are considerably more environmentally friendly and sustainable than sanitary pads or tampons. These panties are eco-friendly and create zero waste for the environment.


Which is simpler for a beginner to use?

As there is no learning curve, using period pants is simpler for beginners than using a menstrual cup.  You can use period underwear by just donning them as you would regular underwear. Menstrual cups, on the other hand, have a learning curve. It takes a lot of practice to fold your cup and place it inside the vagina. This gets difficult for the teens at the beginning.

We strongly support period panties since they are more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and comfortable than menstrual cups, tampons, or sanitary pads. However, not everyone finds insertion comfortable, and period panties are more long-lasting than tampons and pads.

Period panties are reusable underwear with extra layers and special fabrics in the crotch area that absorb menstrual fluid. The period panty can be worn without a sanitary napkin thus making your periods comfortable and worry-free. They are leak-proof, waterproof and quickly wick off moisture so you stay dry and fresh.


Why are D’chica Period Panties Safe To Use? 

At D’chica they are committed to their #madewithlove motto. Hence the period panties samples have gone through extensive third-party lab testing to ensure that they do not have any harmful PFOA & PFOS as well as phthalates and are made with quality materials that are safe to use. D’chica’s Third Party Lab tested, PFAS ( PFOA & PFOS), phthalate toxin-free Period Panties are super absorbent and leak-proof period panties made with 4 layers so that you can have a worry and leak-free period. 

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Say yes to Period Panties 

It's time to switch to a sustainable sanitary option, which is period panties. As it creates zero waste, is comfortable to wear, and is best for Mother Nature. Easy to clean and use. Make your teen’s periods worry-free by using this great sanitary product from D'Chica. Moms, get these period panties for your teen now.