6 Global Teen Favorite Podcast Channels

Podcasts are the new rage worldwide & for good reasons too! Podcasts appeal to our auditory abilities and improve the function of the brain through auditory stimuli. This helps in attaining greater focus and developing analytical skills for information churns. This was about the hail-healthy benefits of Podcasts. There are many other less nerdier versions of why podcasts are super-cool for uber teens!

Apart from learning a lot of trivia & ed-related stuff, there are various channels today in the digital arena with content appealing to teenage phases, humor, tips & everything else that you can think of! The ease of listening and working works well in this fast-paced world, especially for teenagers. You can now listen to Harry Potter while you do your laundry, whaaaat !?

The Media & Entertainment Industry with the surge in OTT platforms has led to more traffic in the Podcast direction due to overwhelmingly high listings of visual content. Podcasts provide a sweet relief in light of this. The content surge however is true for the Podcast Community, we all know that one time you wanted to listen to something but you couldn’t because there were too many options! Ugh. anyway. With careful research on what teens are listening to everywhere, here is a list to get you started,

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Harry Potter (the books!) has been a heartthrob for teens for a long time, and we must grant it the pedestal it deserves! This Podcast Channel does precisely this, yes. The Podcast has themes and topics that bring up the underlying picture of society, personalities, flaws in the book, etc. They also address controversial topics like J.K. Rowling’s recent comments on a sensitive issue. So yeah, go check it out asap!

Part-Time Genius

For all the weirdos out there, find weird answers to your weird questions in this channel! The makers of this world Will & Mango are hilarious with their random questions, inventions, trivia, hyper-surprising facts, etc. 

Teen Girl Talk

A Content Channel that takes up reviews of other content for teens. It covers various books, movies, and TV shows. The portrayal, accuracy, and implications analysis done by hosts Franklin and Susie Cota is spot on and very relatable to this age group because they often relay their own experiences. 

The Mortified Podcast

Gen Z is very famous for their cringe incidents, aren’t they? It is also very iconic how this word has caught such a pace in the Teen Urban Vocabulary. So well, there is a perfect podcast channel that teens will definitely relate to some stories on The Mortified Podcast. Especially for shy and introverted teens, this channel can be quite interesting!

Song Exploder

For the Musical Teens out there, this space can be quite interesting for you. The hosts often invite musicians to their platform and there are a lot of stories, technicalities, inspiration, and education about real-time music creation & context. They already have so much popular content with guests like FKA Twig, Eric Nam, etc. 

The Socially Awkward Podcast

Well, this one has a hilarious take on some everyday awkward situations and the hosts Justin and Zac Weber have some really funny stories. Go on, find them, and head for a good laugh!

Podcasts are the new-age, highly beneficial sensory stimulation mediums for young adults. You are good to go with a little practice and research on how best to use it for your aid.