5 Teen Celebs Inspiring Today’s Youth

Times have heavily shifted in the new age of social media, the direct trickle down of celeb styles, innovations, ideas, lifestyle and applications through the internet has traversed all physical boundaries. Teen Influencing & digital creation is the new favourite profession, career ambition for the youths today and some teen celebs are shining examples of this motivation for the global teen community in various fields, check them out!

Billie Eilish

A global teenagers’ rage, the max icon of the woke community- Billie Eilish has a very unique and peculiar manner of expressing human emotional states. A rigorous spokesperson about mental health, she for many years was surrounded by the controversies of ‘teen influence’. 

But nonetheless, she has been a major teen icon for several years now and the global teen community highly relates to her. Her content could be tagged as dark but the depths of relatability that she could garner from all around the world, speaks volumes. With a whopping 115 million followers on Instagram, Eilish is the perfect teen queen!


Kavya Kopparapu

A young Innovator of Indian Origin, Ms. Kopparapu has been featured in the Times Global 25 Most Influential Teens, 2018. She is the Founder and CEO of GirlsComputingLeague and current junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. She is known for being a TEDx Speaker, she has spoken at Smithsonian, NASA Kennedy Space Center and several other global AI Conferences. She is known to have innovated a “precision medicine platform powered by AI that predicts tumour characteristics in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.” (Source: NCWIT) 

Timothée Chalamet

Chalamate is a Teenage Heartthrob! Teens either want to become like him or drool after him, yes, we are not kidding! And very much so, she has been officially one of the most handsome faces to have walked the Planet Earth, short only of Henry Cavill, right girls? He is fiercely talented too, he has been nominated for the Academy Best Actor Category, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe etc. for several of his movies. A sensation, very truly deserved!

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa 

An Indian Chess Grandmaster, a chess prodigy who banked the title of International Master at the age of 10. He became a FIDE Master at the age of 7! Hailing from a very humble household, Praggnanandha was born in Chennai and is currently 17 years old. He has been the country’s most recent teen-pride at the 44th World Chess Olympiad which happened in Chennai last year and is definitely a new light for our country in sports & teen influence. 

Greta Thunberg 

You cannot talk of Teen Celebrities and not think of Thunberg right?

A fierce speaker and a Swedish Environmental Activist, she is frequently on news for calling out and challenging global leaders and raising awareness about environmental mishaps. She is the Founder of Fridays for Future initiative, which inspires young men and women from across the world to dedicate conscious time, energy and creativity towards the betterment of our Planet. She is one of the most known Teen Infleuncers and a top-grade climate activist that the world has seen till date.