Puberty is an essential stage for teens. It is very important to create awareness and educate teens about changes in puberty days. Taking care of Hygiene and Safety is most important thing to discuss during the puberty stage. I like how D'chica Fashion is focusing on introducing and creating awareness about puberty essential products. Together we are committed to bring best products for  you.
-DR. Garima Srivastav

Dr. Garima is a successful surgeon as well as consulting gynecologist with an experience of over 7 years in the profession.

Let us discuss few FAQ with Dr. Garima- 

Q. What are Period Panties and are they Safe?

A. Period Panties are just like your regular panties but with antimicrobial absorbent material that helps you in your periods.

And Yes, it is absolutely safe to wear period panties as they are chemical free and rash free. These period panties are lab-tested. 

Q. What are the advantages of Period Panties and how they are better than pads?

A. Firstly they are very easy to use, you do not have to put in any extra effort to wear them, just wear them as your regular innerwear.

Secondly, they are reusable which is very efficient in the long run, you do not have to spend money every month on sanitary napkins.

And of course for our fashion-enthusiastic teens, these are available in different styles


Q. As you said they are reusable, so is it a complicated process to wash them?

A. Not at all, you can just wash them as your regular clothes, it is easy. Just make sure you do not wash them with other clothes.


Q. Why Should Teen Prefer them?

A. Initially, during puberty, it is quite uncomfortable for teens to get well with periods. Period Panties provide them with the comfort and confidence that they need during the days of their periods.

More Questions about Puberty Essentials?

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