D'chica Set of 4 D'chica Assorted Printed & Patchwork 2-Ply Face Masks For Girls


Rs. 449 Rs. 499
Color: Multi

MADE IN INDIA. Protective Face Mask, Cotton lycra strechable fabric, Breathable, Re-usable, Washable, Lightweight, Biodegradable. Wash before wearing. NOT SUITABLE & RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS UNDER 4 YEARS Masks do not guarantee protection against COVID Virus.• Masks are not supposed to be worn while exercising, running, jogging or for similar activities. • Masks are not supposed to be worn in enclosed areas without proper ventilation. • Masks should be worn for short duration only. • Before wearing the masks it should be ensured that the same fits the individual and is neither loose or tight and the individual is able to breathe comfortably. 

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